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Beach, sun & food - this is why you need to visit the beautiful Algarve

Algarve is a beautiful, dreamy coastal area in south of Portugal. Stretching from the Atlantic ocean in west all the way to Spain in the east. this absolutely gorgeous region is know for its famous beaches, fascinating nature, surf and good food. Lets have a closer look at why you should visit Algarve.

1. Stunning beaches

The nummer one reason to visit Algarve is definitely its gorgeous beaches. With more then 155 different beaches, you'll be guaranteed to find the perfect beach. Choose between smaller beaches with magnificent cliffs and caves to larger ones with sand stretching as far as the eye can reach. Read more about our favourite beaches here.

Blue water beach with yellow cliffs in Algarve

2. For the activities

Do you like to combine vacation with a fun activity? Then this is the destination for you. Algarve is well-known for its many wonderful golf courses, excellent surf spots and stunning hike and bike trails. The sunny climate with fresh breeze from the Atlantic ocean makes up for great weather conditions for any activities.

Stand up paddle surf tour on green waters and big cliffs

3. The food

Thanks to Algarves location by the ocean you'll get to enjoy delicious fish and sea food. Many places serve freshly grilled fish, it's so simple yet so so good. Algarve is also know for its spicy chicken piri-piri. Don't forget to try vino verde so called green wine, a lighter, slightly bubbly version of white wine - perfect for hot summer days.

Fried calamari on a plate in Algarve

4. The weather

They say we have 300 days of sun and it sure feels like the sun is always shining in Algarve. The summers are sunny and warm, perfect beach weather, with cooler temperatures at night. Rest of the year has springish vibes with milder, more pleasant temperatures and sun shine. Making it perfect weather for activities or traveling around the region to discover its many charming towns.

5. Charming towns

Speaking of charming town, this leads my next reason to visit the Algarve. There are so many beautiful places to see in the Algarve. Visit a traditional fishermen village, wander around a historical medieval towns or check out the sights i n one of the bigger cities. Read more about which towns to visit here.

Traditional tiled house in Tavira, Algarve


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girl doing yoga by the pool at a yoga retreat in algarve


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