What is Petit-Hem?

Petit-Hem is our beloved project about leaving the stress and buzz of city life, for an easy living lifestyle in Algarve, Portugal. Since Algarve is now our new home, we are all about sharing, exploring and promoting this amazing region.

It all started with sharing inspiring tips and travel guides in our Algarve blog. The next step was to offer a unique place for guests to come and stay.

Today we also offer workshops, yoga holidays, and fitness classes.

Who are we?

We are a team of 2, my partner and I. Having lived all around Europe; Sweden, France, Spain, and Germany, we now settled down in the Algarve. After working for big corporates and living the city life, we wanted a change. We wished for a slower life, closer to nature, and focus more on the well-being of ourselves and others. We found Algarve to be the perfect spot for this new life.

We hope you come to visit us soon so that we can share this experience with you.