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Visit Fuseta - a fishermen's village with beautiful nature and landscape

Fuseta is a small fishing village set by the coast and natural reserve of Ria Formosa, next to Olhão on the east side of Faro.

Visit Fuseta to soak up the relaxed atmosphere and to enjoy fresh grilled fish, beautiful sandbank islands and a natural reserve. Here are some things to do in Fuseta.

Where to eat in Fuseta

This local and authentic little gem is all about its fishing heritage. Along the streets you will find several excellent fish restaurants offering the best grilled fish and seafood for affordable prices.

We tried Casa Corvo and the food was so so good, Cafe Mestres and A Do Rui are two other popular spots.

lunch outside with grilled fish, shrimps, chips and sallad

Things to do in Fuseta

After lunch we walked down to the beach and looked at the colorful boats parked along the harbour. From the beach you can spot the beautiful sandbank island and also catch a boat if you would like to make a tour to one of the bigger islands.

We stopped for a coffee at the beach bar, and then continued on to the natural reserve on the other side of the harbour.

Charming paths will lead you through this green area where you can spot birds and other wetland wildlife. We got very happy when we saw a big flock of cute flamingos.

colorful fishermens boat by the harbour

ocean in blue and green colours with a boat fishing

a orange car driving through nature with flamingos

All in all, a very nice and relaxing day. I truly recommend Fuseta if you like charming fishing villages and beautiful nature.


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