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7 useful things to know before travelling to the Algarve

Travelling to the Algarve? Here are 7 things that are good to know before visiting the Algarve.

1. It is recommended to rent a car

If you are the kind of traveler who likes to explore it is recommended to rent a car. The public transport is limited and quite slow. Most of the time the car rental prices are very affordable.

2. Many places are closed during the off-season

If you are visiting the Algarve during the off-season (Jan-March) be aware that many restaurants, shops, and tours can be closed. It is always a good idea to either call or check their facebook page to see they operate during the off-season.

3. Chiller temperatures during the night - bring a sweater

Even though it is sunny and hot during the day, because of the Atlantic ocean, it usually gets chiller at night. If you are the kind of person who is usually cold, always bring a sweater or jacket.

4. Cold houses and flats during winter months

Most flats and houses here are built for the warm weather. That means vacation rentals are usually cold and humid during the winter months due to bad isolation and stone floors. If you are visiting the Algarve during this time, make sure you rent something with heating and bring warm sweaters and slippers for the evenings.

5. Lunch is usually served between 12 and 14h

Most restaurants serve lunch between 12-14h and then re-opens for dinner. If you like to have late lunch it is good to remember that finding proper food after 14h or 15h can be tricky.

6. The typical Portuguese "bred and butter" is not for free

When you arrive at a traditional restaurant, the waiter usually servers bread, butter, olives, paté, and carrots. This is called a couvert. Many people assume covert is for free as it is served without you ordering it. While it is not expensive, it is good to know that you will be charged for it. If don't want the couvert, simply do not eat and the waiter will bring it back.

7. Be careful with slippery cobblestones

For some strange reason, the cobblestone roads in the Algarve are very slippery. I always advise my guests to bring shoes, sneakers or flipflops that have a bit of grip.

That is all the advice from my side, if you have any specific questions or other advice to share please comment below :)


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