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Ferragudo - experience the real Algarve

Flowers and colourful houses, a great spot to take instagram-worthy pictures in the Algarve

This riverside fishing village is perhaps the most photographed town in all of Algarve and it's easy to understand why. A maze of cute cobbled alleys lined with whitewashed buildings and colorful houses. Its steep, winding streets takes us all the way up to the charming church with views over the harbor and neighbouring city, Portimão.

When hunger strikes head towards the many cafes and restaurants by the riverfront to enjoy fresh fish and seafood. Our favorite food spot is Borda do Cais.

I love Ferragudo as it has retained much of its original charm. A visit here is a must if you are looking for an authentic and traditional Algarve. Not to mention, is the perfect spot for Instagram-worthy pictures.

A maze of cute cobbled alleys lined with whitewashed buildings and colourful houses in Ferragudo, Algarve

Traditional houses with Portuguese tiles in Ferragudo, Algarve

Where to take the best Instagram-worthy photos in Algarve

Views of the local fishing harbour and palm trees in Ferragudo, Algarve

Enjoy Ferragudo!


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