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Things to do in Faro? Visit the beautiful Ilha Deserta for unspoiled beaches & nature

A beach with white sand, sun beds and huts. Blue water in the background with blue sky

Made a little day trip from Faro to Ilha deserta today and I loved it. Ilha deserta is a beautiful car-free sandbank island just outside of Faro, surrounded by the atlantic ocean on one side and Ria formosa on the other.

Things to do on Ilha Deserta

It is a wonderful place if you like unspoiled beaches and nature. Here you will also find a lovely restaurant, Estaminé, with awesome beach views, serving fresh fish and seafood. And a boardwalk for hiking (2 km) that goes from the ferry drop-off to Cabo de Santa Maria. This is the most southern point of continental Portugal.

lha Deserta means Deserted Island which fits perfectly as we felt like we were the only ones on the island and we truly enjoyed the peacefulness.

Wooden boardwalk going through a sandy beach with blue fishermen huts

How to reach Ilha Deserta

You can reach the island by taking a ferry or speed boat from Faro or Olhão. We took the ferry from Faro (by the marina, close to the firefighter station). There are 2 different boats, a speed boat for 10 euros that takes 15min and a catamaran boat for 5 euros that takes 45min. You can buy tickets at the marina and also online from

I hope you enjoy :)


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