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The Estoi Palace - a hidden gem in the Algarve

The pink Estoi Palace - a hidden gem in the Algarve

Looking for a hidden gem in the Algarve? Take a break from the busy beach resorts to visit the tranquil garden and palace of Estoi. Palacio de Estoi is a treat for the eye with its colourful facade and lavish interior and just a short trip from Faro.

The Estoi palace back in the days

The palace was built in the 18th century and belonged to a local aristocrat from the Carvalhal family. The palace took almost 15 years to finish and was used as a summer house. Makes me wonder how their main house must have been like? :)

The tower and dome of the Estoi palace in Faro, Algarve

The Estoi palace now

Just a few years ago the palace was a semi-ruin, it has now been restored and converted into a luxury hotel. The garden and some of the majestic rooms inside the palace are open for everyone to see. There is also a café and a terrace from where you can enjoy beautiful views.

Lavish interior with sofa, paintings, chandelier and art in the Estoi palace

Did you know?

The Estoi palace is also known as the pink palace.


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