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Find the authentic Algarve at charming village of Alte

Whitewashed building with pink flowers and a fish market stand in Alte, Algarve.

Alte is a tiny little town close to Loulé, set high up in the mountains of Algarve. It is a typical Algarve town with the traditional cute streets, whitewashed buildings, small cafés, and craft shops. From here you can enjoy wonderful views of orange and lemon orchards and eucalyptus groves.

The popular sights of this charming town are two natural springs, Fonte

Pequena and Fonte Grande. Two peaceful spots, that are great for a family picnic.

Cute street and a spot next to the river for sights to visit in Alte, Algarve

Just outside of Alte, you will find a small waterfall, the Vigário. A place in nature where you can go for a little swim.

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