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Algar seco - one of the best viewpoints in the Algarve

Big white and yellow cliffs, rock formation and caves set against the blue Atlantic ocean at Algar seco

Algar seco is a must-visit spot in the Algarve. A place to enjoy spectacular sceneries of the Algarve with its impressive cliffs and rocks. Not to mention, it is the perfect place for Instagram worthy pictures.

The Algar seco in Carvoeiro is a fantastic oceanfront viewpoint. Here you can marvel at the natural beauty of dramatic limestone cliffs and rock formations. These cliffs have been shaped over time by wind and water. The age of the fossils in the stone is estimated to be between 24 and 16 million years. Pretty Impressive, Huh?

A wooden boardwalk with benches has been set on top of the cliffs. This makes it easy and accessible to walk around the coastline.

Big limestone cliffs, rock formation and a wooden boardwalk to discover and explore Algar seco, Carvoeiro, Algarve

Feeling adventurous and would like to experience this natural wonder up close? Climb down the staircase leading through the cliffs, towards the ocean, to discover more fascinating caves, tunnels and natural pools.

Stone cliffs and a arched door at Algar seco viewpoint in Algarve

You can reach Algar seco by climbing the steep hill next to Carvoeiro beach. The boardwalk starts at the Nossa Senhora da Encarnação fort. At the end of the boardwalk, you will find Boneca bar, a cute little restaurant tucked away in the cliffs of Algar Seco.

I hope you enjoy Algar seco, and feel free to share the post.


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