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Praia da Bordeira - a stunning hidden beach in the Algarve

Praia da Bordeira - a stunning secret beach in the Algarve

Are you looking for an off-the-beaten-path beach in the Algarve? Praia da Bordeira is a non-touristy beach on the west coast of the Algarve, close to Sagres. This beach delivers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean with soft sand dunes and a lagoon. A perfect spot for advanced surfers, nature lovers and those who enjoy large beaches with plenty of space.

Dramatic cliffs, lush nature, soft sand dunes and blue water at Praia Bordeira, Algarve

Surf and Swim

Take a dip in the majestic Atlantic Ocean but be careful, swimming is not always allowed due to big waves so carefully check the notice and flag before heading in. The shallow lagoon is safer and perfect play area for the kids. Otherwise, it's also awesome just to chill out on the massive sand dunes and look at talented surfers take on big ass waves.


There are plenty of fantastic cliffs, deep valleys, and rich landscape to discover. Click here for recommended hiking routes.


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