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Local experience: traditional Algarvean pottery at Porches Pottery

Handcrafted art and tiles at Porches Pottery, Algarve

Decorative tiles and pottery have been a part of Portuguese tradition for centuries. In every Portuguese city, you will see streets and houses decorated with beautiful tiles. The tiny town of Porches is the pottery paradise of the Algarve. Here you will find many shops offering a great variety of beautiful high-quality ceramic items.

Porches Pottery

Porches Pottery was founded by artists Patrick Swift and Lima de Freitas back in 1968. They wanted to revive the art of traditional hand-painted pottery that was rapidly decreasing in favor of more modern and atomised techniques.

Today, the spot offers a ceramic shop where you can see artists hand paint decorative patterns and design. They offer a great variety and choice for those of you who want to buy pottery souvenirs and gifts.

Handmade tiles, pottery and ceramic at Porches pottery store in Algarve

Bar Bacchus

Next door is Bar Bacchus a charming little cafe serving light lunch and Portuguese treats. The outdoor terrace is surrounded by beautiful tiles and pottery, making this a wonderful place to spend a few hours.

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